Earlier today, a swimmer was bitten on the foot in the bathing area of Nahoon beach, by what lifeguards have identified as a Raggie (Ragged-Tooth shark). The shark was identified on account of the bite marks left on the swimmers foot.

Devyn Mattheys getting slotted on a less unsettling day out at Nahoon Corner.
Local photographer, Bruce Viaene, who was present during the incident, reported that the swimmer was bitten in about one metre of water or less. “The water was very cold and dirty.” said Bruce. “He was bitten on the foot but he’ll be okay.”

Duncan Boyd, Nahoon’s head lifeguard, treated the victim and did not derive any OTHER information as to the man’s identity other than the fact that he is a doctor. He was loaded into an ambulance for treatment and by all accounts, should make a full recovery.

Shallow water sightings during South Africa’s warmer summer months are not uncommon, especially at open EC beachies like Nahoon. It’s more than likely that the incident was nothing more than a case of mistaken identity. Nonetheless, it’s the first incident of its kind at Nahoon since 1961, according to EL based Zag lensman, Louis Wulff.