We posted an article last week asking:
Is Australia the World’s Most Dangerous Surf Trip?
The correct answer was of course, fucken probably!

Since then, shark sightings off Newcastle have seen the beaches closed for a week. Yesterday, (Thursday) a 3.5m tiger was seen from a heli eating a dolphin… 50m from shore.

The alarm was first raised on Saturday, when a 5m great white was spotted behind Merewether baths.
Since then there have been sightings all up and down the local area, the authorities promptly closing beaches to ‘all aquatic activities’.
Well not quite all…

“I just got sent in by the lifeguard on a ski,” Jesse Adam said on Stab. “They said it was out behind the (Merewether) baths. Oh! My dad just did the two biggest backside reo’s! He’s out there on his own, what a psycho… Oh man, mum’s freaking.”
Which might be one of the greatest ever lifeguards-sent-me-in lines of all time.

With no humans attacked thus far, Jesse continued with a philosophical slant on the shark sightings…
“I mean, it was getting so fucking crowded down here, at least it’s culled the crowd.”
Newcastle, while being in Australia and thus sharky by definition, is not the most notoriously sharky surf zone, especially for Great Whites, compared with WA or South Australia.