1. He’s been intimate with Pam Anderson and you haven’t (unless you’re Tommy Lee or Kid Rock or Vince Neil or that one model dude).

2. He’s better than you’ll ever, ever, ever be at surfing. Deal with it.

3. He wrestled a rubber octopus in a mystical cave on Baywatch.

4. He robbed Rob Machado of a world title. In a close race, Kelly barely nudged out Rob for what would’ve been his first world title. (This one is for Rob fans.)

5. He’s rich. His contract with Quiksilver was once the biggest in surfing’s history-multimillions.

6. He’s had thousands of hand-shaped Al Merricks and no doubt gets the best surfboards in the world. How many hand-shaped Al Merricks have you had?

7. He rented out Tavarua for his famous friends and forgot to invite you.

8. He hangs with hot celebs like Paris Hilton and Cameron Diaz.

9. He was in a band called The Surfers. The band was good, but the name was bad.

10. Did we mention Pamela Anderson?

Here Are 10 Reasons to  Love Kelly Slater