Obstacles on your left, lads (Picture: SWNS)

Surfers are taking advantage of a weird tidal phenomenon in the West country, where they can ride one single wave up the River Severn away from its mouth towards it source.

Called the Severn Bore, this wave is funnelled into a narrow channel as the tide rises, causing a large wave to form- making it a hot-spot for British surfers.

Occurring around 12 times a year, the bore can actually reach a height of up to 25ft (7.5 metres) and a speed of 17mph.

While surfers remain excited, concerns are being raised over flooding issues, as stormy weather, strong winds and heavy rain move in from the West.

You’re going the wrong way chaps (Picture: SWNS)

Last year, around 30 surfers rode the wave while thousands of spectators turned up to watch the tidal phenomenon.

This Saturday’s bore is thought to be the largest in two decades and was predicted to surge nearly 20 miles up stream.