*Just before we dive in: “The Bu” is a champagne escape that sits just beyond the reach of LA rat racers. It’s a prime rib of California real estate, a 27-mile slice of exquisite coastline that Dillon Perillo frequently dines on. It’s lifestyles of the rich and famous out here. Hiding within their castles, cut off from middle class monotony. Dillon, through his sophisticated palette, confesses to have been fed with the shiniest of silver spoons, but is also self-made…

Interview by Jake Tellkamp
Best breakfast: There’s an old Irish restaurant by my house called Patrick’s. One of the doors reads Bordello, which means brothel. Not a lot of people know that, though. They have decent hamburgers too, and always seem to be playing Frank Sinatra. Who doesn’t love Frank?
Coffee: Primo Passos in Santa Monica off Montana Avenue for an Americano.
Dinner joints: Zuma Sushi.
Where to surf when it’s pumping: Point Dume. Or First Point with a million of your closest friends who can’t help but share your wave.
The best time of the year for waves: There’s waves year round but the points like a south swell, which we get in summer.
Boards to line along the Malibu wall: A Sperm Whale, they go really good at home. A Wave Storm, if it’s really crowded and small, and a Neck Beard. You can get away with grovellers and what not, but I’d pack a mal, too.
The main players around town: Allen Sarlo is about as core as it gets. You don’t want to be burning him out Malibu.
Where to find Laird: I’ve never seen him but there is a lot of SUP-friendly waves around here… begin the search there.
Places to skate: They took out our skatepark to build a Whole Foods, but then didn’t end up putting it in. It’s been a massive blow to the youth. All the kids around here are still more into skating and punk music than surfing.
Celebs: I mainly surf this wave in front of my Dad’s house, it’s on a private beach so it doesn’t get too crowded. I park out front of Julia Roberts’ house and Tosh.O is always out there. He’s pretty much a regular now, the old locals respect him and stuff. He doesn’t hassle me personally but I’ve seen him regulating Point Dume.
Where to get educated: There’s Pepperdine University, which is a private Christian thing, if that’s what you’re into.
Best kept secret: The Navy has got the best waves around in their front yard.
Pros and cons: It’s removed from the rat race of LA, so it’s pretty tranquil but it’s probably the worst place in the world to be 24 years old. You end up going back to LA to do anything or have to call girls to come visit.
Best place to drink: Cafe Habana.
Cheapest bar: Nothing’s very cheap around here in all honesty. If you’ve got shallow pockets this probably isn’t the place for you.
Biggest parties: I hear Van Halen’s daughter likes to party.
Cheapest pillow: Point Dume Club or Paradise Cove, that’s the heart of Malibu. Or you can camp at Leo Carrillo, which has a pretty fun wave in front of it.
Where to feel luxurious: The Malibu Beach Inn is close to the point and is on the water. You’ll impress a girl if you take her there.
And if you don’t have a gal: Well, the girls from Pepperdine all go to Duke’s on the weekends, it’s a restaurant and bar on the ocean near the Point. But they like to date guys in their 50’s with serious money.
Go on… They haven’t worked a day in their lives.
Women with rich husbands out of town: Again, Cafe Habana. Wednesday nights, they’ll be there. They are going to hate me for saying that.

What zone to avoid: Starbucks.
Where to score drugs: I’m not the guy to ask but people around the Santa Monica pier don’t seem to have too hard of a time finding them.
The boys in Malibu: Andrew Jacobson, The Marshall brothers, and Colton Sarlo.
The best time of year to have fun: Fall is a safe bet. And Halloween in October is always a good time in California.
How to get around: Range Rovers seem to be the preferred method of transport around here.
Where to get a board: Zuma Jay’s has been there forever and is about a half-mile from the pier.
Where to buy clothes: There’s a Rip Curl shop in Malibu.
Where to get a haircut: My Mom has always cut my hair so I don’t know.
Where to buy a book: iBooks.
How to stay calm in traffic: By realising you are the traffic. Pack snacks and drink coffee. Chill.
If you bring the clubs: Golf isn’t really my thing, but the Malibu Golf Club in the hills of Santa Monica Mountains is pretty picturesque. Yeah, go there.
Best Mexican food: Third time, Cafe Habana. I better get a free taco for the plug.
Where to go when you want to get out of town: Point Mugu is just north of us but you need to have a military pass to get in ‘cause there’s a naval air station there. It’s a blessing and a curse. Dane doesn’t have any trouble finding a way in though. I need to ask him who his connection is.
Australian Equivalent: Whale Beach, on the Northern Beaches. The real-estate is pretty similar. Not nearly as green though.