Curious giant manta ray surprises manta researcher! The manta researcher was collecting a photo ID, used to monitor population trends that can help identify the effects of fishing pressure on this population of manta rays.

WildAid, Manta Trust and Planeta Oceano, with support from Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund, are now working to shore up protection for manta rays in Peru. Working closely with coastal fishing communities, we are seeking to understand how mantas and mobulas are affected by local fisheries, both directed and as by catch, and how to reduce manta mortality. Building off our community based work in Indonesia, where in 2014 Indonesia declared the world’s largest manta sanctuary (, we are now helping create opportunities for fishing communities in Peru to engage in sustainable livelihoods based on manta tourism. The project is in its early stages but the initial findings are quite positive.
WildAid has a global campaign to protect manta rays, focusing on demand reduction for manta gills in
China ( and range-state protections where regional manta populations are under threat from fisheries.