Surfing is great to watch. The breaking waves, the big moments, the unpredictability.

What would make it even better to watch, though, is if you had an even better view, and that could soon be a possibility after it was revealed that the world’s first surfing stadium may soon be built in Kelly Slater’s hometown of Florida.

Mayor Dave Netterstorm made a recent proposal to use a specific part of the budget given to the Washington National’s spring training facility for building a beach stadium and pier at Cocoa Beach in Florida, saying the idea would “enhance waves, creating the world’s first surfing stadium to attract more surfing competitions.”

The only problem with the idea is that it would cost a whole lot of money. We’re talking millions of dollars that could be used to improve the area in other ways, so there’s bound to be a bit of debate over whether the whole thing is worthwhile.

In our opinion though, the idea sounds like a pretty cool one. Cocoa Beach already holds a pretty weighty status in surfing given that it’s the base of Mr. Slater, and this would only serve in furthering its iconic status.

What the surfing stadium would look like and whether the fans would be interested, we don’t yet know. It’s a cool idea in concept though, and if any further plans to develop, we’re sure going to be keen to have a closer look.