A few days ago, a clip of showed up on the internet that showed Miguel Blanco taking a pretty painful shortcut off the rocks.
Despite that, he still works hard every day, keeping his hopes and dreams of having a real go at the WQS alive.

Are you ok?
I am! A little bruised up, but I’m doing fine!

So, what happened?
Well, I went surfing in Costa da Caparica, near Lisbon and took my girlfriend, who was filming me. I had a really good session and when I got out I saw some really good waves, so I wanted to go back in!

I bet you decided to take a shortcut!
I did, I didn’t feel like paddling all the way out the back so I decided to jump from the jetty.
How big were the waves?
They weren’t that big; there were some decent sets but not very big.

When that wave came and almost took you out, did you think you were in trouble straight away?
That set come out of nowhere and I thought I was going to die! I didn’t know if I was going to die right there on the rocks or if it was worth it to dive. I ended up jumping, but the wave pushed me back onto the rocks.

Your board took a big beating as well.
For sure, it broke and also had like 43 dings.

What about you?
I got a few cuts on my feet and my shin and my knee is all bruised, but nothing too serious.

What happened next?
I jumped in the water but couldn’t move very well–I guess I was a bit shocked by the impact. Good thing I recently got sponsored by a clinic. That’s where I went next and it’s all good, I should be able to surf again in a couple of days.

Did you think the video would have such a big reach in such a short amount of time?
I didn’t, it’s pretty crazy.

You’ve been to Hawaii recently. Did you have any scary moments like this?
No. There were some big sets that would pop up out of nowhere, but nothing as scary as this. I could have been hurt really badly!

Ok, we’ll be waiting for your next stunt.
Yeah, let’s try to avoid another one of these!

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