There are few things more terrifying than imagining yourself trapped in a net during a Tsunami…    Photo: Shutterstock

What is it like to find yourself trapped underneath the raw power of a tsunami? It’s a question that would strike terror into the hearts of most, and it’s one that you would never expect any living person to be able to answer.

For professional surfer Rob Bain though, it’s not the faraway nightmare that it may seem for the rest of us. Rather, it’s a shocking memory from a horrifying incident in Indonesia 21 years ago, and the Australian recently recounted the experience in a chilled out short animation with a chilling undertone, which you can watch below.

The story begins back in 1994, when Rob and some friends and filmers decided to plan at trip to G-Land on the Indonesian island of Java. The journey came after a surfing trip in Bali, but there was an eerie atmosphere around the endeavour from the very start.

Rob Bain's shocking story is captured wonderfully in this new short Photo: Red Bull/Screenshot
Rob Bain’s shocking story is captured wonderfully in the new short below…    Photo: Red Bull/Screenshot
Before the team has even set foot on Indonesia, one of their team had already pulled out. Surfer Neal Purchase Jr. backed out after receiving a call from his girlfriend – who apparently has the gift of foresight – saying that she didn’t have a good feeling and didn’t want him to go. Neal agreed to stay at home.
Next thing up, the remaining guys found themselves in G-Land, surfing in cold water in a hot part of the world. As Bain recalls, “it didn’t feel right. The day just had a weird feel about it.”
Anyway, after a hard day’s work and a few beers, it was time for bed. The guys nodded off in amongst the sounds of monkeys and tigers around, but there would be a horrible surprise waiting for the team when they woke up.

Rob Bain rides on a huge wave at Waimea Bay... Photo: Surf Transworld
Rob Bain rides on a huge wave at Waimea Bay… Photo: Surf Transworld
“I was completely pinned to the ground,” remembers Rob. “I was doubled over with this huge weight on me. My immediate thought was tiger, so I just started to fight and start screaming. It was completely black and I couldn’t see anything, but I suddenly realised that I was actually underwater.

“I had no idea it was a Tsunami at the time but it had pinned me back against a bush and the whole hut, and the wooden floor had come up on top of me. I was doubled over, inside my mattress, inside my mosquito net, trapped like a fish. I just couldn’t get out.”

What happened next was a complete stroke of luck, and one that Bain must thank his lucky stars for every day. We won’t give you anymore spoilers on the amazing story though – check out the Red Bull original below to find out exactly what went on. Do you think you would’ve survived?