It’s always sunny somewhere and someone is always surfing somewhere but how hard is it to take up surfing yourself? It’s not that hard, not at all in fact. Here are the 20 stages of taking up surfing.

1.Pluck up the courage to finally learn to surf.

Trust us, your inner kid will be VERY happy.

Inner kid

2.Tell your friends you’re going to do it

You're awesome

3.Buy a copy of Surf Europe

It won’t turn you into a pro but you’ll be craving every bit of surfing literature you can get your hands on.

Buy a copy of Surf Europe

4.Google Kelly Slater

Because he is the best surfer in the world…

Kelly Slater

5.Look at buying a surfboard

Don’t be put off by the other youngsters in the shop being cool, you’re only there for one thing

Buying a surfboard

6.Settle for buying a wetsuit

Buying a wetsuit

7.Book your first surfing holiday

As soon as you hit confirm you’re one step closer to being the surfer you’ve wanted to be. Take a minute to celebrate this mini win.


8.Take your first lesson in the sea

You’re off! Soon enough this could be you. But not yet!

Surfing Lessons

9.Have your first big wipeout, swallow a gallon of sea water (and throw it up)

Sea vomit

10.Continue trying to surf and get the hang of it

Starting to pick it up? It just gets better and better, doesn’t it?

Surfing standup