For all you hear about sharks minding their own business and Jaws just being ‘fictional’, the sharp-toothed swimmers sure seem to pop up in the news a lot for trying to munch on a member of mankind.

In the wonderful world of Oz – also known as Australia – this concern is a growing one, with shark attacks rising in the past few years and in some cases proving fatal. So, when surfer Bruce Lucas was bitten by a bull shark while out paddling last weekend, it’s safe to say that he feared for the worst.

Luckily, Bruce Lucas – no relation to Star Wars creator George Lucas, although we haven’t actually done our homework on that, so f*ck it, let’s call him George’ cousin – can pack a bit of a punch, and having been inspired by the big Mayweather win in Las Vegas, managed to fend off the shark with a flurry of punches.

The 46-year-old, said to despise even the slightest mention of Jedi, told the shark “this is not the dinner you are looking for” after it took a big bite out of his right bicep, and not unlike the Empire, he struck back with a couple of hooks and uppercuts as the shark tried to drag him under the water.

Despite bleeding heavily due to the [phantom] menacing attack, which took place on the north coast of New South Wales, Bruce was able to make his way back to shore where he was quickly rushed to hospital to receive 30 stitches.

Of course, it’s common knowledge among many that batting a shark on its nose is the best way to get rid of the predators, but that philosophy doesn’t quite account for a full on attack from the bad boy and a sizable chunk being taken out your right arm.

Well played Mr. Bruce Lucas. The force is strong with this one indeed.