Waterproof surf cameras are invading the line-ups. Because we want to capture our greatest surfing moments for prosperity, but also because vanity is a healthy part of surfing.

Sometimes, having a GoPro camera is not enough. There are multiple accessories that can dramatically change the quality of our videos and that open way to fresh new perspectives, from the surfer's point of view or simply down from surfboard level.

Simultaneously, we often feel we're missing small accessories, either because they deteriorate with use or because they will increase the longevity of the cameras. Those headaches are over; we've listed all the mounts and accessories that may be useful to modern GoPro surfers.

"The Handler" is a buoyant hand grip that enables more stable footage than holding the camera by hand. It's comfortable and includes an adjustable wrist strap for greater security of your camera.

The "Wrist Housing" allows you to wear your GoPro camera like a watch for easy access when capturing footage on the fly. When not recording, you'll have full use of both hands, for example, for paddling out.

The "MyGo Mouth Mount" is perfectly designed to allow you to breathe and get a stable shot. It features a comfortable rubber mouthpiece, bite supports for stable footage, an air channel for unrestricted Breathing, and a low profile lanyard to keep your camera close.

The "Head Strap & QuickClip" can be worn over a helmet or directly on your head to capture footage from a headlamp-like perspective. A simple baseball cap is enough to do the job while you catch waves.

The "Surfboard Mounts" are a key accessory. Whether you own a ten-board quiver or a single plank, you'll need them. They include an FCS compatible male plug to mount your GoPro using an FCS center fin socket.

The "Anti-Fog Inserts" are a classic pick. Drop these Anti-Fog Inserts into the sides of your GoPro camera housing to prevent fogging in cold and humid environments. Inserts will last up to four uses.

The "Floaty Backdoor" works like an insurance policy. The simple flotation device attaches directly to the housing backdoor to keep your GoPro afloat, in all sort of ocean conditions.

The "Camera Tethers" are basically an extra layer of security when using your GoPro in extreme conditions. Attach the adhesive anchors to your gear, and then secure the Camera Tethers to the camera housing backdoor. If your GoPro comes loose, it will remain attached to your gear.

The "Bodyboard Mount" is ready for bodyboards or foam surfboard and stand up paddleboards. It can be easily installed, just like a bodyboard leash plug, and includes a camera tether and locking plug for added security in heavy surf.

The "Standard Housing" is a slim, lightweight housing as a spare or replacement for your GoPro camera. The flat glass lens delivers maximum image sharpness above and below water. Waterproof to 131 feet (40 meters).

The "LCD Touch BacPac" is the perfect solution for those surfers who can't wait to check the footage from the latest session. Play back videos and photos directly from your camera, including audio and instant slow-motion playback.

The "Auto Charger" will make sure your GoPro never misses the best swell. It allows you to charge and record simultaneously, and it works with most devices that charge via USB.

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