1) The smell of neoprene follows you everywhere

Pigpen Smell Neoprene

 2) Magic Seaweed is constantly open on your desktop

magic seaweed secret web work

3) You’d swap your left nut for one of these…

VW camper van

4) You know exactly what the surf forecast is for a week’s time, but you can’t remember what day the bins go out…

surf forecasting stormsurf

5) Staying up all night to watch the Pipe Masters is a given…


6) … and the idea of getting up at 5am for a dawnie doesn’t horrify you

surf dawnie

7) You treat your board with more care than your car


8) You’d consider missing a wedding/christening/the birth of your first child because the swell is up

surfer suit

9) You could spend hours reading up on the merits of quads verses thrusters


10) You become paranoid that your plastic bag habit is single-handedly killing the world’s turtles


11) Your bed is always full of sand


12) … and an even tan is something other people dream of