During any banner swell there will be moments in which the surfers have to commit to that pivotal wave. For the filmers that holds doubly true. Miss that crucial moment and the shoot is a bust.
"It was really challenging out there," filmer, Tim Bonython told us. "I was on a ski trying to get the best spot but when you have blokes that are not 100 per cent sure that they're not too close it becomes kind of scary."

When filming at a slab, especially one as unpredictable as The Right, there's a fine line between getting in the perfect spot for the best shot and getting too close to the very real threat it poses.
"With that big one of Mick Corbett's, my driver Zac Haynes was a little unsure if we weren't sitting too close. He sped out a bit, slowed down, then sped up again which made it hard to keep a steady shot."

Considering the difficulties filmers go through to react quickly to a swell such as this and capture the best footage, Red Bull have created Filmers@Large of which this is the first installment. It's always tough to leave a swell holding the best footage on your hard drive from any spot, but we're pretty sure The Right has to be up there as one of the most challenging spots in the world.

"It's a real combination of factors that make The Right the best. You need to be sitting in the right spot to get the best part of the moment. Sometimes you sit next to or behind Russell Ord and you look down into the pit but miss the surfer flying out. You really you want the in-between, you want to look in whilst not missing the result. i.e. the surfer coming out."