There’s no better way of saying “We’re glad you’re okay” after a traumatic experience than offering free upgrades to business class for you and your mates. Plus, providing those sweet, snuggly pajamas — making you and your squad look like an alt-rock boy band on tour — is absolute icing on the cake. Bunch of handsome devils, aren’t they?

But if you’re looking to rest your bones in exclusive Qantas accommodation, don’t go around surfing in shark-infested waters. You could die before ever getting to wear those sweet jammies while sipping champagne. And, secondly, they’ll likely tell you to kick rocks. That is, unless you’re Mick Fanning, who nearly broke the Internet over the weekend after being attacked by a shark on live broadcast in front of millions of people, which is perhaps why Qantas lent the generous hand in the first place.

Regardless of their intentions, it was pretty rad of Qantas, who, in 2015, sat in the top spot as the world’s safest airline by And to see that they went the extra mile for Fanning and friends following the incident makes us think we won’t ever fly another airline to and from Australia again.

And in case you’re wondering, rounding out the rest of the top 10 in alphabetical order are: Air New Zealand, British Airways, Cathay Pacific Airways, Emirates, Etihad Airways, EVA Air, Finnair, Lufthansa, and Singapore Airlines. The world’s unsafest airlines include two from Nepal — Tara Air and Nepal Airlines — joining Kazakhstan’s Scat Airlines and Afghanistan’s Kam Air.