Hype has been building around the opening of Surf Snowdonia – the world’s first artificial wave garden – ever since the project was first announced.

The idea of a perfect, peeling wave that’s completely consistent seemed almost too good to be true, but damn, it was a tantalising prospect.

As the opening date neared (scheduled for the 1st August – ie. this weekend) excitement reached fever pitch. Now the first footage of the wave running at full capacity has been released  – and it looks the absolute tits.

Featuring Alan Stokes, Jayce Robinson and Jared Howse the footage shows the 2m high, 150m peeling wave in all its glory.

Which is something of a relief because when a bit of footage leaked earlier this month the general consensus was that the wave was smaller than promised.

“The idea of a perfect, peeling wave that’s completely consistent seemed almost too good to be true”
However, Surf Snowdonia were quick to take the video down and issue a statement explaining that the video had been filmed while the wave machines were still being cranked up to full capacity.
“It’s important to note that was slow testing of the machinery,” said Surf Snowdonia. “Fine tuning of the wave is underway and the two-meter barreling wave, with the 1.2-meter by its side will be here soon!”

We have to say from the looks of this first proper footage, it looks like the wait has been worth it.