Teahupoo, an epic reef break off Tahiti, is one of the world’s most celebrated waves. Translating roughly as “severer of heads” the wave is known as the heaviest on the planet, and when it’s pumping, it’s seriously powerful.

This month it’s been pumping as the footage above reveals. Seriously, look at the size of those barrels, imagine paddling into that!

Code Orange at Teahupoo July 2015
Epic session of a solid southwest swell in Teahupoo Tahiti.
Local as Matehau TETOPATA, Matahi DROLLET, Angelo FAREIRE, Raimana VB, Mihimana Braye etc ensured the show.
Even so strong wipe-out in Tow-In as Tikanui, Niccolo PICCOLO ...
Thanks to Mama Nature, Friends, Captains & riders ...
Filmed & Edited by Tim Pruvost
Music Specially composed by Maestro Guillaume Desbois
Peninsula of Tahiti, French Polynesia, South Pacific, Tropical Paradise