Screen Shot: Wave Garden.

Surfing is cool, nobody is arguing with anyone on that score. Mick Fanning’s shark-punching exploits, Jamie O’Brien setting himself on fire; it’s all going on. But putting the awesomeness of these daytime moments to one side for a moment, wouldn’t it be great to see night surfing become a genuinely big player on the action sports scene?

We’ve had LED surfboards before, and that was a seriously rad ‘Daft Punk-esque’ idea. But that was also a pretty elaborate set-up, in anyone’s book, and not exactly the most practical of customisation-jobs. Thanks to Wavegarden, however, the future of night surfing is looking very bright indeed.

The light technology featured in this video, and still being tested in Spain at this stage, looks like the cat’s pyjamas. If they can make this into a proper thing, it could be the perfect solution for anyone who’s ever woken up at 2am in the morning and wrestled with an uncontrollable urge to go surfing immediately.