Sh*t! Keala Kennelly got hit pretty hard…

The Billabong Pro is going down in Tahiti right soon, and the waves are going off! The riders are catching Teahupo’o, notoriously one of the most dangerous waves in the world.

Surfing? Dangerous? You just fall in a bit of water if you bail, right? Wrong! There’s reef, boards, debris and all kinds of bad stuff in the water, just waiting to fuck you up.

In honour of this high risk, high reward comp, we’ve searched for the gnarliest surf injuries around.

 Here’s a shot taken surgery, where she needed 51 stitches.

 Owner of the Mr Surfy cafe on Polzeath beach in Cornwall, Steve got scalped by some other guy's board. “This guy just bailed…. jumping off his board sent it flying straight at me.” said the Cornwall native.

This dude almost had his heel completely sliced off by a fin.
 This fella's grin suggests he still has the endorphins pumping almost as much as the blood.

 The fin on this chaps board caught his leg. Luckily, it missed two tendons, and artery, and a main nerve by just a few millimetres.

 Eight hours of surgery was required to save this dude's eye after he caught it with his fin.

 The fella who sustained these reef slices did do on a pretty calm day. It just goes to show that while waves may come and go, the reef is constant.

 It’s bad enough splitting your skull on the sea bed, but then the medics come along and use 12 staples to patch you back together!