Not because it was Sunday, July 19th and it rained in Southern California. Because Mick Fanning got attacked (I don’t have to bite you in order for it to qualify as an attack) by a shark on a live broadcast at the 2015 J-Bay Open. Everyone from CNN to ABC to ESPN to ESM to NPR covered it. I wouldn’t even be surprised if PorhnHub found a angle. So you’ve seen how the media world has responded to the incident. But have you seen how the real world has? Like, the real surf world? We scoured (fine, scrolled) Instagram and pulled some of our favorite reactions. They range from heartfelt to humorous, but all are entertaining. Go on now, take a lap.

 Glad to know this guy and even happier that he swam/walked away unscathed. The only mark on him is a tiny scratch (probably from hitting the shark) on his left hand knuckle. I got an email from a friend tonight who said he clearly saw a shark figure in a wave during the quarterfinals from a drone shot. There were multiple water photogs (including @jimmicane who shot this photo) swimming all day. I believe good things come to good people and although you can't say this was 'good', the outcome was amazing. @mfanno's instincts kicked into high gear and his scramble to face the shark and keep the board between them may have saved him. The scariest moment was when he turned around to face where the shark would be coming from after swimming 20 meters towards shore. I can't even imagine the vulnerability he must've felt. Great job by the contest announcers, water safety for getting right on it, @julian_wilson for paddling to help a friend out and basically everyone there to support. Hey, you didn't surf half bad this week either! #GiveHimTheTrophy!

 Imagine you were watching a skate contest live on TV and while someone was skating a fucking giant bear ran out of the woods and crash tackled them off their board and started dragging them around and then they punched it and it ran away. Pretty much what just happened. Really happy that everyone was ok.

 Love you brother! Today was one of those days you hope you'll never experience in life and to see you stand your ground and fend off that monster. You're my hero mate. So happy I could give you a hug on the boat with all limbs in tact. You're the true definition of living by the sword.