Ever thoughta special wave should've been filmed to show your friends? Have you surfed the best wave of your life? Is your girlfriend or boyfriend tired of spending hours capturing your stoke in the waves?

Meet the automatic surf movie director. The system that captures only your waves. Soloshot follows you from the beach to the line-up and in all waves you ride. Soloshot is the newest technology for surf fanatics that enjoy getting their waves and wipe-outs on video.

Soloshot works by keeping your camera pointed at an arm band you wear during your surf session. With more than five hours of battery life and a 1500ft range (half a kilometer), the system will follow you for your entire surf session.

You can even pass the remote to your friend for a wave or two and they can share in the fun and the best part is no one has to stand on the beach holding a camera for three hours. Watch the automatic surf movie director in action.

The best part is that Soloshot comes with the standard camera mounting screw so it fits most cameras. This means you can attach your favourite filming device to the professional tripod that comes with the system.

But, what about the security issue? Are you going to leave the Soloshot out in the beach? Yes, no worries. Soloshot has a built-in security feature that allows your camera to be locked to the device. The entire set may also be locked to any permanent structure, like large pieces of driftwood, rocks or lifeguard stands.

Additionally, the automatic surf movie directorshines a green light in the direction your camera is pointing so that when you see the green light you can rest assured that Soloshot is there and pointing at you.

This innovative technology works best if you are between 100ft and 1500ft from the camera and set the zoom such that there is about 30ft on either side of you in the frame. Enjoy your best surfing moments.

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