There’s a lot out there to make life miserable for surfers. The dangers of sharks, rocks, razor sharp fins, angry locals played members of Red Hot Chilli Peppers and pollution dumped in the sea are fairly well documented.

But when Aussie pro Mich Parkinson was out surfing off the Telos Island, just off Malaysia in the Indian ocean, he came under attack from a flying Ninja Fish.

Also answering to the less cool name of Long Toms, or Needle Fish, Ninja Fish represent a real threat to people sharing the water with them.

Along with a set of razor sharp teeth, the nose is hard and sharp, and can quite easily pierce human flesh. Furthermore it’s not uncommon for it to then break off while buried deep deep inside a body.

The scaly shit-bags swim near the surface of the water, and are often attracted to changes in light – such as a surfer briefly eclipsing the sun. Luckily, Parkinson was on guard, and managed to avoid being turned into a scaly pin cushion.