1. Reduce plastic use.
Reduce it in every aspect of your life. No plastic water bottles, no plastic bags (always use paper when possible), no plastic packaging, just say no to plastic.

2. Eat less ocean harvested fish.
Yep, the majority of TGPGP, about 705,000 tons, comes from lost, broken or discarded fishing nets. I know this is going to be a hard one, but of all the things you could do, it would be the most impactful.

3. Participate in beach clean-ups.
Join a Surfrider sponsored beach clean-up and pick trash off the ground when you see it. If we prevent trash from entering the ocean and waterways, we have a fighting chance to help reduce the future growth of TGPGP.

4. Support Algalita Marine Research Foundation.
Created by Charles Moore, the man who discovered TGPGP in 1997. Algalita’s mission is to protect and improve the marine environment and its watersheds through research and education on the impacts of plastic pollution. Moore’s foundation is our best hope of finding a solution to TGPGP.
Wishing you a responsible journey ahead—as surfers we must stand up for the health of our oceans. Imagine what it has given us in this life . . . it’s time to give back.