Liverpool-born Donald Charles captured the incredible moment near his home in South Africa

Looking every bit like a team of champion surfers they put a spectacular show for those watching on shore.

Liverpool-born Donald Charles, 72, captured the moment near his home in Ballito, South Africa.
He said: “We often see pods of dolphins swimming along the coast here but I’ve never seen so many playing in the surf together.

 Donald thought he might see one pod surf, but never anticipated seeing so many

“There were 18 dolphins in total so to see that many playing in the surf like people do really was incredible, I’ve never known anything like it.

“I anticipated that one of the pods might surf because it’s that time of year but I never expected to see that many. “

"I walked along Ballito’s boardwalk with my camera a Samsung NX1 - at the ready and I was lucky enough to witness this incredible sight.”

Donald has had a passion for photography since his father gave him a Kodak camera when he was 16.