Julian Wilson at home in Coolum. Photo: John McCutcheon / Sunshine Coast Daily john mccutcheon

Megan Mackander
OUR hometown hero is back, safe and sound after putting himself on the line for his mate Mick Fanning during a South African shark attack. 

But Coolum's own Julian Wilson didn't come back with a surfing title, but the privilege of being named a bravery award nominee. 

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has confirmed she's pushing for Coolum surfer Julian Wilson's bravery award after a stunning display of mateship in the waters of South Africa. 

Ms Palaszczuk has written to the Government House nominating the 26-year-old in recognition for his actions in swimming towards Fanning as a shark attacked the Gold Coast surfer. 

"What we saw in South Africa was Queensland mateship at its best," Ms Palaszczuk said. 

"Like anyone who has watched the vision, I couldn't help but think what a terrifying situation it must have been. 

"I've written to Government House nominating Julian Wilson for a bravery award.
"He put his own safety aside and disregarded the obvious risk to his life so he could help a fellow Queenslander. 

"Anyone who paddles towards a shark attack instead of away from it is pretty brave in my books.
"I don't know too many people who would have done that." 

After the incident an emotional Wilson told media "he couldn't get their quick enough".
"It came up, and he was wrestling it, and I saw the whole thing, and then I saw he got knocked off his board, and then, like, a little wave popped up and I just thought, he's gone, he's gone under," Wilson said through tears. 

"I literally thought, paddling for him, that I wasn't going to get there in time. Especially when I came over the wave and his board was over here and he was swimming that way and I was like, 'Oh no, it's going to just grab him and take him under'. 

Wilson posted a photo on his Instagram in the past 24 hours, showing him on a plane with a glass of champagne on his way home with his girlfriend - safe and sound.