Kimi Werner is a Renaissance woman. She’s a champion spearfisher, an accomplished chef and a remarkable artist. Growing up on Maui, Kimi has become so attuned to the ocean that she’s basically part fish. She does stuff underwater that would make most landlubbers squirm and squeal; yet she stays as cool as a sea-cucumber.
A new video from Variables Productions sheds a light on Kimi’s talents, in and out of the water. But one moment shows just how gnarly she is. After snagging an octopus from an underwater hole, Kimi kills her catch in the most humane way possible: biting it between the friggin’ eyes. It makes Bear Grylls look like a sissy show-off. And what makes Kimi even more badass is how calmly she explains the whole thing. She has that cool and relaxed way of talking, as many Hawaiians do, that makes her sound like she just meditated for an hour, even though she’s doing something that would jolt the heart rate of any normal human.