Mick Fanning is back in the news, this time for donating a hefty pile of cash to a fellow Aussie who’s recovering from a shark attack.

This makes the three time world champion the most written about surfer since David Hasselhoff briefly took over the internet and made every Wikipedia page show clips of him in Baywatch.

Fanning first made global headlines when he was attacked by a shark live on TV during the Jeffreys Bay WSL comp in South Africa in July this year. But the, just one week later, he was back in the news after another shark chased him out of the water on his first return to the waves.

The incident happened while he was recording an Interview with Aussie TV show 60 Minutes. Fanning was paid an impressive $75,000 (AUS)  – around £35,000 – for his appearance.

Matt Lee recovering in hospital following a shark attack
Matt Lee recovering in hospital following a shark attack
However, rather than pocketing the cash, Fanning has donated the entire lot to bodyboarder Mathew Lee, who’s recovering in hospital after having his legs mauled by Great White shark off the coast of New South Wales.

The news of the donation broke when a message was posted on Mathew Lee’s facebook page saying “Mick Fanning and David Gyngell, No words can describe how grateful we are for the generous donation” the credit being shard with the host of the TV show, who also donated $25,000 to Lee’s recovery.

Everybody at wishes Matt Lee a swift and full recovery.