On Sunday at around 3.50pm Hawaiian time, a 27 year-old man was attacked by a tiger shark whilst spear fishing at Upolu Point, North Kohala. The shark is estimated to have been up to 13-feet long and the attack took place in murky waters off the point due to recent heavy rainfall.
Emergency services were called and intercepted the man now identified as Braxton Rocha as he travelled via pickup truck away from the scene. He was then transported by ambulance to Kamehameha Park and airlifted to North Hawaii Community Hospital but not before he could capture the video below whilst being transferred.
Just one day after the incident we have received word on Braxton's condition:
''UPDATE ON BRADDAH @_shark_boy_ Just one day after he survive shark attack. Braxton gonna be back in da water soon providing for his ohana.. I just wanted to personally thank everyone out there for their kind and loving words and all of the prayers sent my way. Can't express my gratitude and love for you all. This kanaka ain't getting taking out that easily! Can't wait to get back into the water and provide for my family matter what I'll always love sharks and have so much respect for the top predator in the ocean. To all the people that think it was fake, go jump in the water and let a shark wrap its jaws around you and we'll see how fake you think it is.''