He is willing to pay the ultimate price. Nathan Fletcher is about to paddle out in "Heavy Water."

No risk, no reward. The quote is old, but the challenges are out there for you to grab them. Fletcher, Danny Fuller, Kala Alexander and Grant Washburn are the stars of Michael Oblowitz's latest adventure in dangerous lineups.
"Heavy Water" is a big wave surfing statement. The movie reveals the history behind those who initially chased liquid giants, including Walter Hofman, Nathan's grandfather, and Sion Milosky, who died surfing Mavericks.
Oblowitz is not new in the surf movie business. His "Sea of Darkness" touched many hearts, but his new big wave documentary promises to catapult him, once again, into the limelight.
"Heavy Water" features the Oahu's North Shore and some of the world's most dangerous surf breaks.