List off 5 surf trips you have to make before kicking the bucket. If Bali isn’t on that list then you’re lying. Not 1 in 100. You’re just a liar. The first destination we associate with a trip to Bali, Uluwatu, translates to “lands end.” So aside from the fact that it pumps out some of the best waves on the planet it’s kind of an obvious draw to surfers. All that and how often do we consider the other payoffs of a summer in Bali? Zipping around on a rented scooter, zooming through fields with a surfboard rack at your side. Good company and good food after a day of surf. Heck, even the natural beauty of the land makes the full day’s flight well worth the effort, even if you were to get skunked (but you won’t).
Anyway, all this ranting comes from a simple 2 minutes that should have you screaming “Next Summer!”