Are you sick of seeing Wedge on your Instagram feed yet? This may be one of the more complex rhetorical questions. The mutant wave, affectionately called Wedge, is a legitimate honorable mention for a 7 Man Made Wonders of the World list. The wave is a spectator’s dream compared to some of the world’s other big wave spots. At Wedge everyone has court side seating and if you’re not careful you may go home with salt water soaked Jordans.
In case you’re on an Instagram hiatus (for ideological purposes of course, most likely protesting our culture’s obsession with immediacy… only half kidding) or you’ve been living on the moon, Wedge was big this past Holiday weekend. It wasn’t legendary but it was a show and all the chargers spanning from tweens to 40 somethings paddled their way out to feed an urge that has been festering for over a month now… closeout barrel of your life and sand filled eardrums.
For local and traveling photographers it was an Oasis of epic imagery in the midst of a wave starved summer. Here are some of the amazing pics taken over the packed Holiday weekend.