Street and park skateboarding has been included ahead of other roller sports including roller hockey, speed skating and artistic skating.
Governing body:  Under the tagline "Rolling to Tokyo" says it has submitted a flexible plan and claims to be the most popular youth sport.
Selling point: "Proposed a five-year set of events - seminars, international cup, national and world championships, tours all throughout the country."

Sport climbing

Last year sport climbing was chosen by the IOC as a demonstration sport at the Youth Olympic Games in Nanjing, China.
Governing body:  Says climbing walls are present in more than 140 countries with 35 million climbers all around the world. Average age is 23 years old; 40% are under 20.
Selling point: "An unforgettable spectacle - fresh, young sport capitalising on the urban/action trend."


International Surfing Association hailed its short listing as a "milestone" as it looks to create new surf parks.
Governing body:  Points to technical advancements which can create artificial waves of up to two metres high at the push of a button, such as at the inland surf lagoon at Snowdonia in Wales.
Selling point: "Surfing has inherently youthful values and a blend of high performance, style and digital connectivity."