at’s surfing going to look like in 20 years? 50 years? 100? By that time, the oceans may be too dirty to even set foot in – a mass of toxic sludge brought on by wasteful human negligence. Wave pools have already ushered in a new era of surfing amidst technological advancement and ecological demise. But what happens when the environmental apocalypse comes? When humanity is cast into the vast abyss in search of a new home? Will surfing survive? That’s for our great (great, great, etc.) grandchildren to find out. Luckily for our shredding brethren of the future, a glimmer of hope has emerged.
In a report released Monday, NASA revealed new findings of liquid water on the Red Planet. Frozen water had been previously identified on the planet’s surface but not water in the liquid, flowing form. The water flows seasonally and has a briny, salty makeup, somewhat similar to Earth’s oceans. And while the discovery doesn’t prove the existence of microbial life on Mars, it certainly boosts hopes.
As for actual surfing on Mars, however, the possibility seems fairly unlikely. As we know, waves are formed in large bodies of water with storms sending swells towards far-off shores. The liquid water on Mars appears to cascade down rocky cliffs. And due to temperature fluctuation, it evaporates seasonally. So there’s not much hope for some epic new interstellar surf break to be discovered just yet. But the findings do provide evidence for other oceans (and life) in other galaxies. Space is a big place; if there’s water right here in our own backyard, who’s to say it’s not out there elsewhere?
Nearly 50 years ago, the stars of The Endless Summer trudged over a sand dune in South Africa and stumbled upon a perfect right-handed point break. It was a foreign land, a previously un-surfed wave, and a benchmark in wave riding discovery. Today South Africa is a hotspot with surfers traveling there by the flocks. So 50 years from now, where will we be? Maybe some far-off planet will be the next Mentawai Islands. Just don’t snake the martian locals…they’ll probably have ray guns.
Watch highlights from the announcement here: