How willing are you to try something a little different?Something that looks different, performs different, and makes you an all around different surfer? And who says different won’t necessarily equate to better? This fin is about to test our threshold of how far we’re willing to stray from the status quo in the name of performance.
The reality is that board designs really only grow as far as our willingness to surf them spreads. As for fins, well those have yet to get real crazy beyond a few variations in the materials people use to make them. This fin, the S-Wings Biomimetic Fin, has a tail that acts like a loaded spring when swayed from side to side. Imagine a shark’s tail moving back and forth to propel a great white through the water and that’s how we imagine the S-Wings work. And for the most part, “imagining” is exactly what we have to do when talking about this fin, because they haven’t offered much backstory and science behind how their radical fin design is going to help our surfing. Science and results are what tend to earn surfers’ willingness to try something new. So like we said, you’re going to be out on your own at least for a while if you give this thing a go. Then again, gain a noticeable boost in speed off the take off or coming out of turns like they claim and a few more people might be jumping in line to try them out too.
For more on the S-Wings visit their website.