When your goal is to created the single most epic Hollywood action sports film in decades, you have to take things to their extreme limits. It takes time, planning, and a hell of a lot of talent.
So, when the people behind the 2015 release of Point Break wanted to film scenes at the worlds most notorious – not to mention deadly wave – Teahupo’o, they called on some of the heaviest hitters in the surfing world to help out.

While the first Point Break, released back in 1991, featured tonnes of insane surfing, the 2015 reboot ups the ante significantly with some gnarly big wave action, so surf legends Laird Hamilton and Bruce Irons were called in. Hamilton is famed as the man to have surfed the biggest wave of all time, back in 2000, so there’s nobody better on the planet to talk you though riding a heavy slab of ocean.
Here, Mpora gets an exclusive behind the scenes peak at exactly what went in to filming Johnny Utah and Bodhi charging on the mind blowing wave.