Sometimes, when things get really hairy, it takes a certain kind of person to really step up to the plate. And when Hurricane Joaquin flooded parts of the eastern seaboard, one of those people knew exactly what needed to be done.
While many of us can only dream of the bravery and skill it would take to enter that raging maelstrom with nothing but a surfboard and your wits, a local news station found one stoic surfer willing to brave the elements for the ultimate rush.
After employing the double-arm flail paddle–one of the most difficult yet powerful methods of paddling–the man shifted quickly back on his board, keeping the nose as far out of the water as possible in order to minimize forward movement, which, as any good paddler knows, is of paramount importance.
No word yet on the surfer’s condition, but early reports say both his ears exploded from the infections that quickly set in.