What in the living hell just happned? First, there’s the crash. There is absolutely noignoring that crash. The folk at Red Bull refer to it as the gnarliest crash in Rampage history. According toClaudio Caluori, a slowed-down run along the easiest route on the track is “really the scariest thing I have ever done.” So let that provide the backstory for Nicholi Rogatkin’s speed and circumstance during a qualifying run. His crash is painful to watch. You not only see the crash, but you feel the crash.

Second, and even more impressive, is how Nicholi jumps right on up (after being tended to by medical personnel), climbs his way back to the track, the proceeds as if nothing happened, “sail[ing] over the hugely intimidating canyon gap and [following] it up with a backflip at the end of his run.” Talk about an ironman. Unfortunately he didn’t qualify for Friday’s final, but after that performance, we not sure it matters that much in regard to his public perception.