In Ireland if it's not raining it means it's going to rain. Ireland is definitely not really the first place that comes to mind when thinking about an exotic surf trip. It's cold, the water is freezing, and it's usually raining. No boardshorts or bikinis around here. For this very reason it has become more popular over the years by surfers looking for somewhere a little quieter and a little bit further off the beaten track.
It's a good start, as it is home to one of the best and most consistent waves in the area.While it might be cold and unpleasant, the waves get surprisingly good. World class in fact, as long as you have a good wetsuit and know where to go. Have a look at the Irish surfing scene here - 
Most surfers head for Bundoran as a base for their Irish mission.
1. The Peak at Bundoran has a long and perfect left, as well as a shorter but hollow right running off it. It is user-friendly but still offers a few good barrels on the right conditions and the right tides. It does need a bit of swell to get into the bay, but once The Peak starts swinging you'll know all about it and there will no doubt be a couple of shams in the water with you.
If the swell gets too small and The Peak stops breaking then you can head off to..
2. Tullen Strand. A long beach that picks up all the swell in the area, it is close to Bundoran and easily accessible. The wave forms a fun wedge against the head-land, and the side wash off the head-land results in peaks up and down the stretch of beach.

3. Mullaghmore - - is the big wave spot of Ireland, and it gets massive and scary. The area is watched over by Classiebawn Castle that was home to Lord Mountbatten, who was murdered by the IRA in 1979 when they blew up his fishing boat.Generally pretty weak and only ridden when the swell is on the way out. On the other hand, when the swell gets really, really big, then everyone heads for ...
The wave itself has been well-documented but only recently have the tow teams given it a real go. It now appears often in big wave awards as well as wipe-out awards, as it is a thunderous and unpredictable big-wave spot reserved only for the courageous and slightly touched big-wave surfers who want fame and glory that comes with riding behemoths. For competent to proficient surfers, those who want to still be challenged, there is another spot nearby...
4. Pampa is a thick and shallow left-hand reef that grinds down the headland, breaking towards the town of Bundoran. It gets big, and it breaks over a very shallow reef in front of some giant and challenging cliffs. It is a wave that barrels, and to surf here one needs to be committed and ready to give it a go. Pulling back on the take-off zone at Pampa will send you over the falls and onto a very scary and shallow ledge of reef. Pamps was first brought to the world attention in the movie Litmus by Andrew Kidman. (Check Litmus trailer here  If Pampa is still quite daunting, then on the way home to Bundoran you can always stop in at..
5. Black Spot is a short and hollow peak that throws some nice barrels but without the consequence like Mullaghmore or Pampa. It doesn't get too big either, and if you catch it uncrowded it is the sort of place that you could very easily up your wave count and feel satisfied after a good session out there. Dependent on tides, Black Spot is the go-to surf spot for many visiting surfers.