for decades, surfers have been the victims of exorbitant surcharges from money-grubbing airlines. As if the outrageous chunk of change you forked over for that ultra-comfortable and spacious coach seat wasn’t enough, surfers are forced to swallow a hefty charge just to enjoy their favorite pastime abroad, not to mention some carriers charge per board (which is utterly ridiculous). Consequently, surfers have opted to leave their boards at home and use services like Quiver. But everyone knows riding someone else’s board isn’t the same. Fortunately, there’s an airline out there that understands surfers.
Recently, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines announced that they’re now allowing customers to take their surf bags on board instead of a suitcase for free. Yes, free! Instead of packing clothes, towels, and other things you would normally put in a suitcase, put them coffin board bag and pack them around your boards. It’s genius.
So whether you’re headed to Indonesia, Portugal, Hawaii, or some other world-class surf destination, know that KLM Airlines is not looking to screw you over. In consolidating travel bags, you’re saving a buttload of money and adding several extra layers of protection for your boards. Plus, you don’t have to give ticket agents the uncomfortable “I swear there’s only one board in the bag” spiel. Let’s just hope other carriers catch on.