Now it’s official – 2015 is shaping up to be the Year of the Bruce.After a few rocky years following the loss of his brother – splitting with Volcom, drifting off into surf obscurity, etc. – Bruce Irons appears to be making a pull for a career turnaround. He made a cameo in John John Florence’s cinematic eyegasm, View from a Blue Moon. He’ll be defending his 2004/2005 title in this year’s Eddie contest (if it happens). And after a hashtag went viral, Bruce was given a wildcard spot in the trials for this year’s Pipe Masters.
The latest in the Bruce comeback saga is a new home and a new sticker on that prime real estate on the nose of his boards – RVCA.
Our friends over at Stab got the scoop, talking to Bruce about the deal, which just happened earlier today, directly:
“I’m very, very excited to be riding for RVCA,” Bruce told Stab“Pat (Tenore, RVCA boss) was the first person I called when I had a chance to look for sponsorship, when Fox and I parted ways. He was the first because Pat has always been the coolest person to me and my brother, and I’ve always liked their brand – I like their clothes, I like what they stand for. I just know Pat’s a solid person who’ll never change. It’s a breath of fresh air to be riding for a company like this. It almost feels how Volcom was in the beginning, but even better. Because I know Pat’s a good guy, and will always be a good guy.”
All the developments seem to be culminating in a perfect storm of good fortune for the 36-year-old Kauai boy. Add in the fact that this year’s North Shore season should be one for the books due to El Niño and the story becomes too good to be true. But in reality, it’s well-deserved – not some luck-laden fairytale. Bruce has always been one of surfing’s most exciting outcasts, a black sheep with his own path, an anti-hero.
RVCA, with their large presence in Hawaii, seems like the perfect fit for Bruce. It’s more like a family of like-minded artists and athletes, than a traditional corporate brand. And maybe that’s just what Bruce needs. He’s back, baby – cue the Rocky theme song!