Words by Elliot Struck
As of today, November 1, 2015 in the USA, Dane Reynolds officially no longer rides for Quiksilver.
Mr Reynolds signed with Quik in 2003, aged 17. He was a crucial part of the Young Guns and did magnificent things with, and for, the brand during their 12-year partnership. Back in 2011, having been with Quik for eight years, Dane re-signed for another six years up until 2017, on a $3m+ a year deal. But, with the brand’s recent re-structuring, a Chapter 11 allowed for contracts to be changed. The re-sign date was moved forward, and while Quik no doubt would’ve liked to keep Dane in the family (who wouldn’t?), the annual dollar amount was lower (bankruptcy changes priorities like that) and Dane decided it was in his best interests to depart.
If another surf company is to acquire the space on Dane’s nose, it will be in the form of Vans growing their relationship (he already wears their shoes). Rumour is, that the ticket will be around $2m a year. But, perhaps Dane will start his own company. He’s already dabbled in this world via Summer Teeth, and certainly has enough influence to successfully carry his own project.
Prior to Mick Fanning’s shark encounter and the maturing of John John Florence, Dane was always a close second to Kelly Slater as the most monumental surfer of all time. I mention this because Kelly ended a 24-year partnership with Quiksilver on April 2, 2014, and now explores the entrepreneurial freedom of being a millionaire with creative interests. Dane, post-Quiksilver, could very well do the same.
Whatever he decides… Dane Reynolds is far from done with giving to surfing.