Today, the WSL released the 2016 schedule for the CT. Thankfully J-bay will remain a stop on tour. Even after Mick almost got chomped during a live broadcast, all the competitors apart from Jadson Andre and Gabriel Medina voted for J-Bay to stay.
“Athlete safety’s a top priority for the league. We have been in constant discussions with our athletes, event organizers and administrators regarding the future of this event,” said commissioner Kieron Perrow in an article by the WSL. “The WSL has made significant investments in the areas of surveillance and response for all current and future Tour spots, and we are currently working with a number of firms specializing in mitigation technology that focus on both athlete safety and the safety of the marine environment. The strides we’re making in the areas of surveillance and response are significant, but there presently exists no technology that has been proven to be 100 percent effective. Our athletes are aware of this, as they have always been.”