Josh Enslin has set a new Guinness World Record for the longest surfing session of all time, at Pollock Beach, Port Elizabeth, in South Africa.

Despite the cold water temperatures, the 30-year-old surfer stayed in the water for 30 hours and 11 minutes. Enslin rode 455 waves and improved the previous record by 44 minutes, set in 2011 by Ben Shaw.
The South African surfer raised clothes, food and funds for street children and a children's home. Josh Enslin started surfing at the age of three.
"It was windy, calm, sunny and freezing during the surf. It really was four seasons in two days. The toughest part for me was the 2am to 4am stretch. Conditions were freezing, fatigue had set in, and my body was freezing. The waves had picked up as well, so I was duck diving all the time," Enslin told Sport 24.
"I was thinking, 'push forward, you can do this,' and on the 27th hour I knew I had it. I still had some energy left, but this was clearly from the hype, as when I got home I passed out in thirty seconds."
Enslin, who is a member of the Cyoh Surf Club, ended up raising over two thousand dollars. The Guinness World Records' officials will now watch the 1811-minute video to confirm the feat.