Just four days after renowned glasser Kenneth Mann died during a moonlight session in San Diego, a second surfer has passed away at Swami’s.
According to friends, Joy Ann Froding complained of chest pain after riding “one of the best waves of her life,” then collapsed. She was taken to the beach, where surfers performed CPR, but did not have a pulse when paramedics responded. She was later pronounced dead at the hospital.
Froding, 57, lived in Cardiff. She moved to California in 2005, and was an artist who made jewelry. “She died immediately after she rode one of the best waves of her life at her favorite spot, Swami’s,” wrote Robbie Nelson, her friend and surf coach. “It made me happy to know that she stuck with surfing and really made it her lifestyle and that a beautiful wave was her last memory of her life,” he continued. “Rest in peace, Joy. You will be missed by many.”
Our sincerest condolences to the friends and family of Joy Ann.