Back in the ’70s, Bruce Raymond was sitting pretty high in the world of competitive surfing. The Australian was a lunatic in heavy waves, and as such, he made a pretty big mark on surfing’s mecca, the North Shore. He ranked in the top 20 in the mid-’70s, stunted on Big Wednesday, and at the young age of 25, stepped off the tour and took a job with Quiksilver. He kept his hand firmly in the surfing pot, working on contracts with Kelly Slater, Tom Carroll, Lisa Anderson, and a handful of others. And god damn, was he ever smart with his money. Either that or he fell into a very large inheritance or robbed a lot of banks.
In 2004, four years prior to retiring from Quik, he bought a house in Sydney, Australia. Not just any house, though. It’s (obviously) the waterfront mansion you see above and below. Now he’s selling it… and if you’ve got upwards of $10 million dollars, you can buy it.
The property itself is insane. Including a boathouse–because if you can afford the house, you can surely afford a boat–and a your own private beach at low tide, it has koi ponds both inside and outside the house. The kitchen opens up onto a waterfront terrace, and the whole thing is designed for “seamless indoor/outdoor living.”