GuidePedia poses the question: “Will this be the Wave of the Winter?” It’s perhaps too early to tell, but Owen Wright may have just won the lucrative title with one of the most insane Pipe barrels we’ve seen this year. And the fashion in which he complete it is conceivably just as gangster. Owen paddled out at Pipe late one afternoon, got blown out of this screamer on his first wave, and then paddled back in. Crocodile done deal.
There’s a few things that make us think this could be the one. First, the drop was as steep and critical as they come. Secondly, after barely making it under the lip and dodging a slew of surfers, bodyboarders, and photographers, Owen came flying out of the barrel long after the spit. And most importantly, it takes a lot for one of the most humbly barreled human beings to put their hands on their head in disbelief. Seeing him react like that makes us think it can’t get much better than that. But who knows? Who knows what El Niño will bring this year? Question is: Who will be there when that wave of the winter comes marching through?