After suffering a near-death wipeout at Pipeline on Sunday, Evan Geiselman has been recovering at Queen’s Medical Center in Honolulu. He went down during a blustery day out at Pipe, got knocked unconscious, and was held down for three waves.
It was pro bodyboarder Andre Botha that pulled Evan to shore after he saw his board tombstoning for much longer than a usual wipeout. Once Botha got him to shore, Mick Fanning, Danny Fuller, and the North Shore lifeguards worked to keep him stable.
After they removed a great amount of water from Evan’s lungs, they loaded him up in an ambulance and rushed him to the hospital.
Today, after two nights in the hospital, Evan was released. He returned to the North Shore, Pipeline in particular, where the harrowing incident went down, and again expressed his gratitude throughout the experience. His Instagram post read:
@EvanGeiselman Beyond grateful! It was the most fulfilling feeling being able to watch the sunset tonight. I got let out of the hospital today and have just been so freaked out on how much of a miracle this has been! There’s been so much love and support for me and I haven’t been able to get back to everyone but I see it and love everyone of you that’s been praying and pulling for me THANKYOU. @andre_botha_662 you’re a brother man thank you so much for giving me another shot at life. @northshorelifeguardassociation the little I do remember I think they were my first words yelling “get this sh*t off me” 😂 thank you guy so much. @mfanno @kalooneytunes @dannyfuller @oliverkurtz @tothfroth pics I’ve see you guys where right by my side and others thank you all! My love @maddiedecamillis you be always been my angle you’re the best my little nurse never left my side. @eric_geiselman I can’t imagine you kept it together like you did love you man! @breekleintop you’ve been so supportive too. Mom I know you told me not to go surf sorry I should always listen to you but you know I’ll be back out there again love you so much😁. Dad and Heather thank you for flying to my aid it means the world! Again thank you everyone the support has brought many tear to my eyes!❤️❤️🙏🏻💪🏼