Fishing was slow for Shane Murton and his father, but when they spotted a great white shark in the distance, the day started getting interesting.
They were fishing aboard a fishing charter off Port Hughes on the Yorke Peninsula on the South Australian coast, when they encountered the great white shark and experienced an unforgettable spectacle.
“Just a typical day, struggling for a fish, yeah, a big great white pointer came up and really spiced it up,” Murton told 7 News.
Using a GoPro camera, he captured vivid underwater video of the great white shark as it circled the boat and then bit the motor. 7 News tells the story:

“Gradually it got a bit more aggressive,” Murton told 7 News. “So we noticed him nudging the outboard. We had this close-up action, I suppose, front-row seats to one of the biggest predators in the ocean.”
Before the great white shark took off it attempted to take a chunk out of the motor.
But to Murton, the most amazing part of the encounter was the size of the great white shark.
“Conservative 12- to 14-footer, so a bit of size to him and enough shock value definitely for everyone on board,” Murton said. “Normally, they’re quite fleeting when you see these come through like a lightning bolt with just a big grey bolt shooting past, but this one actually really put on a display for us.”