As a North Shore native and part of (arguably) the greatest family in Hawaiian surf history, Mason Ho was ecstatic when he was given the opportunity to compete in the Billabong Pipe Masters.

So much so that he could barely talk.
After finishing third in the Pipe Trials, Mase narrowly missed making the main event. But when Owen Wright had to withdraw due to a harrowing free-surf hold down, he was called up. Throughout the event, he was a giant killer – in Round 4 he took down former Pipe Masters champion Joel Parkinson and Jeremy Flores with a perfect 10. And while he went on to lose to Adriano de Souza (shutting the door on Mick Fanning’s Title hopes) in the Semifinals, Ho still showed he’s one of the best Pipe specialists in the game.
Always the entertainer, in the water and out, Mason provided fans watching online perhaps the greatest post heat interview in surf competition history. And the best part is that it’s just Mason being Mason. He’s so stoked that he can’t even focus or form a proper sentence. But seriously, the guy should have his own TV show.
This epic display of verbal diarrhea hearkens back to the time he gave a fantastical, borderline pornographic breakdown of his dream wave: