Snap By Mohssine 

Nowadays you can find hundreds of fansites concerning the topic surfing. Two of them are und SurfSexSea. We talked to the guy behind them, Mohssine  from Taghazout, Morocco, a passionate surfer himself. 

Mohssine SurfBoard
Hi Mohssine, how did it came to the idea for Surfsexsea?

Actually it began in the classrom during my studies. I was always writing those three words on my pages: SurfSexSea. Like a tag, you know? For me, it just means my lifestyle, due to I love surfing in the ocean and surley this kind of sexy atmosphere that comes along with it. 

So, just for fun I started a page and called it "SurfSexSea". At the beginning I had just a few fans and likes.  But after I started posting sexy pictures, the amount of fans and likes grew constantly. So I continued with daily posts and till now the amount of followers is awesome, which I am grateful for! 

So the content of the page is just about sexy women? 

No, no, its about all kind of sexy people next to the ocean, woman and men. (Smiles) 

But isn´t that kind of boring, let´s say one-sided?

Let´s say, it works (laughs). People seem to like to see those daily updates, but I know what you mean. Of course I am interested in more than that, and for that reason I started another page which I called WeAreSurfers Here I share alle the news regarding the whole world of surfing. From Videos to pictures and whole articles -  the whole content is just about surfing-topics, included healthy living for surfers (which actually comes along with the sport itself).

Where do you get the pictures and the articles from? Do you genereate them by yourself? I mean, it is a lot of stuff. 

Most of the content I found by myself in the net and if it seems interesting to me I share it on my page, to let my followers know about them also. I alsways name the photographers who did the pictures or have a lot of following photographers that like to be shared on my page as well. 

Which site do you prefer? 

SurfSexSea. Because it has more followers with whom I interact lots more than on WeareSurfers. As I told before, they ask me, to get shared on SurfSexSea and that´s so nice, to be in contact with Surfschools, Photographers and other surfers.

What plans for the future do you have in mind?

Oh, I would like to improve my pages, to make them some of the most succesfull ones in the world of surfing and I would like to open up my own surfschool.

Your favorite website at the moment?

Your favorite surfspot?

I have two. One for surfing backside and one for my frontside. So for the first I love anchor point and the other one is close to my hometown Taghazout.  

Mohssine, thanks a lot!